Parent Revolution

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We need to start a Parent Revolution to celebrate and share just how perfectly imperfect we all are. We all mess up. We all meltdown. We all feel overwhelmed. Parenting is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s difficult! It’s exhausting! You’re not going to cherish every moment. We need to help each other keep margin in our lives, laugh at the craziness, and figure out which balloons to let go. I always say God hand-picked my firstborn, complicated, screaming pterodactyl to humble me. I cried for months, then learned to laugh…and pray.

“Embrace the chaos” became my new mantra as we pressed on with two more children. 3 babies in 31 months. I threw in the towel on the mother I thought I would be, and realized I am exactly the mother my children need me to be…perfectly imperfect. As I share ideas with you from the good times, please know there are plenty of times I have no idea what to do or say or am just too tired to do it. My husband and I have meltdowns too. I hope I share that part of parenting and teaching enough with you too.

Parenting tears marriages apart if you can’t embrace the chaos. Laugh about it. Go on fake dates once in awhile if you can. Take a pay it forward approach with one another. Push your spouse out the door for a mental break. Schedule your spouse a tee time or lunch with friend or if they mention guy/girl trip help make it happen. Keep dating each other. Send him/her funny texts or pictures. Leave a post-it note on their car dash. It’s the little, daily things that I love. Take care of each other as meticulously as you take care of your cute babies.

Don’t forget to take pictures of the imperfect. They almost always end up being my favorites.

But not always. I’m still kind of mad at this Target moment.

Try to laugh even when it means living in an imperfect house, like when your toddler won’t stop climbing on the chairs to get on top of the table...(Need to add this to our Revenge Plan!)

or  when you can sweep this much crunch off the floor after a busy afternoon. Is that bacon? Did we have bacon that day?

Don’t let it boil your blood when you can’t get that perfect family picture. Frame it. And, don’t just post the perfect pictures on Facebook and blogs. Share the chaos. We all need to see we’re not the only ones.

Let’s climb those mountains of reality together. To me, being a super mom/dad means being super real, super honest, and being super silly with all this super chaos.


Shelisa–A Mother who is currently behind on laundry, has clutter on her countertops,  is serving cereal for dinner tonight because I keep putting off making a meal plan because that requires going to the store.

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  1. I can’t stop posting your blogs on my FB page! They are too good not to share.

  2. Brilliant. This made me feel better, and I didn’t know I needed to 🙂

  3. KC in VA says:

    Amen, seriously. I can manage to make the house/kids/myself presentable all at the same time, so if you come here for a playdate you might be fooled…but don’t open the closets PLEASE don’t open the closets (or the laundry room door, or any drawers…or the fridge, because sometimes if people are coming over and the dishwasher is crammed and I don’t want an overflowing sink and they’re too stinky to stuff in a closet, I’ll fill the fridge with dirty dishes temporarily-of-course and wipe out the sink for the illusion of a clean kitchen…or sometimes it’s just to make room for more mess…and sometimes my husband eats the old, crusty food off the dirty plates in the fridge because he’s not fussy about leftovers and has built up a tolerance to salmonella after 7 years of marriage to me) but probably it wouldn’t be so bad to just leave the sink full of dirty dishes and still let people in the house…but still, don’t open the closets.

  4. Stephanie M. says:

    I completely accidentally (and yet purposefully by God’s will) stumbled across your blog today and I am SO grateful I did. My friends think I read too many blogs and that I compare my stress to another’s perceived perfection. And I didn’t realize how much truth there was to that until I read this post. I also have 3 young children close in age (oldest boy is 5, twin boys just turned 3)… and there are days I really just need to let go of what I imagined motherhood (and life at 30) was going to be like!! Thank you for giving this over-stressed, over-tired, over-analyzing, over-perfectionizing (it’s a word, I think), Mom a much needed dose of reality and what it’s all supposed to be. This is a season (although the longest season I’ve ever endured) and it won’t last forever. I really need to seize these moments and, when I can’t, learn to forgive myself because perfection is boring and impossible! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

    • Stephanie, I’m so glad you visited today. You just made MY day, so God knows what He’s doing!;) This season is as short as it is long. There are days you count the minutes, but then all the sudden your child is blowing out the next candle on his cake. It’s awesome and it’s nuts. Be easy on yourself. Your friends are probably right;) I didn’t actually read many blogs until I started writing one and my “overwhelm meter” starts to go off if I read too many too. Pace yourself. Don’t compare. Embrace grace, sweet mama! You are perfectly imperfect!


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