MLK Day!

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From 2013…

My children have not experienced discrimination, so it always comes as a bit of a shock when I explain it to it should. We’ve drilled it into their heads and hearts our favorite message from Jesus…love. Love all. In their world thus far, that’s just how it is. To think otherwise seems crazy.

So to illustrate discrimination, I told them I got a message from school this morning and only kids with brown eyes will get to go to school now. Insert confused little faces. The 7 year old says “WHAT? That’s not fair, Mom. We didn’t choose the color of our eyes. We should be able to go to school!” Bingo. Class dismissed. “Well, you can thank Dr. Martin Luther King for helping everyone be allowed to go to school today, and oddly enough, why we WON’T go to school on Monday”.

Then over our gourmet breakfast of oatmeal, I read these 3 books to the kids.

I showed them a youtube clip of my favorite line from his famous speech , “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Then I asked

“Did Dr. King’s dream come true?” as I shoved paper and colored pencils at them. They concluded that Dr. King’s dream had come true, and in their world that’s true.

This was my 5 year old’s. Simple, sweet, and right on. “Inside is best and love.” Now before you feel too warm and gushy inside, those are Miis in his picture from Wii which he is currently obsessed with making all types and colors and facial features. He’s even made a Mii to represent our dog. I was ready to sing Kumbaya and he wanted to play the Wii. Classic.


I came across this video to show the kids afterschool. Then while we’re playing over the weekend in the playroom I want to challenge each of them to give a speech on our new microphone.

Start those public speaking skills early, Thing Magnet parents. You’ll never know if your child will grow up to change the world.

Peace & love, friends


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