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So…it’s not all this…


And, as your kids get out of toddlerville and into school-age you’ll find yourself looking for some new tools for your parenting toolbox. I’m always on the hunt for positive ways to guide my kids (and students) and especially ways that keep them doing most of the thinking. One fine day, I started really seeing a problem with one of my children’s attitude & tone…which is a tricky behavior to mold. We want our kids to know it’s not always what you say, but how you say it both with words and body language.

After a few talks and role playing, I had finally had enough with Grumpers. We’d taken away “screen time” before, which is our children’s favorite “currency”, but I wanted to put my kid in a very active role with earning it back. So, I came up with this “Earn Chart”.


It worked wonders for us and I’ve only had to use it three times  since August with two of my kids. Grumpers really thought about words, actions, attitude, and tone. When we noticed it, Grumpers would get to write an X point on one square and had to think about how to spend it. We tried to pick the most genuine times, many time when they didn’t know we were listening.  I liked that they earned back something relatively quickly, but this chart forced some stamina with the behavior. It took maybe a full week or 10 days to earn everything back. A great step in building a new habit.

I’ve also used this as a classroom tool with a few kids who needed extra motivation to build a better behavior habit. Instead of taking away items, they are earning rewards that they have picked such as extra computer time, playing a game with a friend, or being a teacher’s helper.

So, there’s one more tool for you. Make your own version or you can buy and print my “Earn Chart” packet on my Teachers Pay Teachers Store for $2.99.

Truth be told, I really need to put myself on this plan for working out.


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