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Hi friends! You know when you go on a vacation, then return to find you need a vacation from your vacation to unpack and find your groove again? That’s where I’ve been blogwise. IMG_5092

As a teacher, August to November is crazy-busy season. I adjust back to peeing once a day, twice on a good day, and eating lunch in 20 minutes. I work extra long hours and am fully focused on building new relationships with 23 new kindergarten students and their families. When I find free time, I want pause. Rest. Breathe. Laugh. Family time. It’s weird to think I needed a pause from writing, because it’s one of my happiest places. I write all the time in my head, but finding (making?) time to sit at the computer to write became a struggle that I quickly let go for awhile.


Bloggers block by choice…and not. There were many times I sat down to write and would both be annoyed by the blank and comforted by it…A blanket. A snuggly patchwork blanket of all things swirling in my head and a reminder I needed to stop and listen to life really closely for awhile without writing about it…so I could focus on chillaxing.


And do this more.


And a little more of this.


And I started a new hobby with my kids…art journaling. I will blog about that someday soon-ish.


And I became completely obsessed with Instagram and iphone photography. I have a post in my head about this too. It’s been a way for me to “write” in a click. Instant Storytelling. A gratitude cam.  Celebrating The little things and connecting to others.


And connecting to tree branches. Thank you husband for loving and capturing my klutziness.


And…in my realization that I am a great starter in life, not a great finisher, I am trying to finish up my current stack of books before starting anymore. Of course, there’s also a few ebooks in the mix too…and one I started but can’t find. Note: I’m rereading “The Gifts of Imperfection” with a highlighter. This stack doesn’t count the new Pioneer Woman Cookbook, or her other 2. Or the handful of blogs I read…or my guilty pleasure of….or reading Harry Potter in a terrible English accent to my son…although for Hagrid I do more of a Scottish accent, which is really awful.


In my blog pause, I’ve really refocused on my personal secret to happiness…the little things…like the joy and philosophical teachings of a free hot dishwasher steam facial.  Pause. Breathe. Laugh. Allow your life lens to fog up a bit, then refocus.


But not too focused.

Here’s to a very Merry Christmas, Holiday Season, and a New Year full of love, like, and 100s of little things that make up your life story each day.

Love, Shelisa

PS. Have you taken a pause from anything lately in your life? Leave a comment below !

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