DIY Family Art: Trees

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Once upon a Pinterest, I pinned 3-4 eye catching art projects to do with the kids. They probably sat on my boards for months.


Until one day, after staring at this wall space above our front door for over 2 years, it clicked…a combination of several pins. And, I had a gift card for Michael’s. Serendipity.


I bought a canvas for $20, some scrapbook paper, and a new jar of Modge Podge.


I scoured our paint stash for leftovers.


Our front door color was just what I was looking for.


Trace all those sweet hands in your family…or classroom…or whoever. Glue those sentimental tree trunks down with Elmer’s or Modge Podge. Mist up a little about how their hands have probably already grown since you traced them.


Make sure your hand is touching your spouse’s hand because that’s how all those baby trees got here in the first place.


Get comfy and cut out widdle, biddy leaves. Tell stories and laugh as you go.


Ask each tree maker to get leafy with their tree. *My mistake was not asking everyone to give each leave a dot of glue or swipe of a glue stick as they go.


Warning: this project is totally boring to dogs.


If you don’t glue them down as you go, when you try to paint the Modge Podge on top, it won’t go well. And, I highly recommend Peanut Butter Capt’n Crunch with this project. Let it guide you.


Lay it on thick.


Oops. Be careful.


I did about 3 coats, but I lost count because my fingers were glued together. Note: Dog still super bored.


See that space above my tie-dye-ish art? That’s a whole new project. I figure I’ll tackle that in another few years.


Happy Family Arting,


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  1. I love your commentary, how it turned out, and especially love your “hey girl” meme. Thank you for this! 🙂


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