The “Went Back to Work” Mediocre Cake

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In honor of my son’s 7th birthday, I’m rerunning this post because I am still stuck on that first sentence in my life. I’ve realized, as long as I am a teacher, Aug through October will always be especially bonkers. Here I am again, one year later, feeling the same way.  I really should of and nearly ordered a cake this year, but baking mediocre birthday cakes is something I like to do. So while I still fight internally on how to find my daily groove of my roles, this year I am able to give myself way more grace and laughter. That makes life much easier. Cheers to that.

I’m off to make this year’s mediocre cake…or cupcakes…haven’t decided yet. The party’s tomorrow. And by party, I mean our family of five and a few family members who have been eating my mudpies since I was a child.

Are you on Instagram?  Upload your #mediocrecakes. If we get enough, I’ll turn it into its own blog entry, and maybe pin board. We’ll have a mediocre cake revolution!

Here’s the post from last year…

This August through October has been one big blur to me of going back to work, trying to find a new balance in my life. My son’s 6th birthday fell smack in the middle of all of that. Now, thankfully, our family birthday philosophy fell beautifully into that, but the little detail of the cake, not so much. I’ve always had fun making the cakes, but this year I had this problem called “lack of time and energy.” Anyone else?



Peeling back the napkin…a metaphor for life, parents.


And, then…there was the Godwink. The “it’s all good”, moment. My son, Dawson, took the plastic trophy of guilt off of the cake and screamed “Mommy, you made a “D” on my cake!!” I didn’t flinch. “Of course I did, Dawson!”


So, let this be a reminder to all. Birthdays and birthday cakes should not be stressful to anyone, especially the parents. And, shall we all petition to get a Food Network Show called “Parent Cheats”?

Love, Shelisa

PS. Let me serve a pretend piece of cheap, plastic trophy cake to each of you reading…working parents, single parents, stay at home parents, student parents, new parents, old parents, parents of 1, parents of many…we’re all tired and trying our best, and for that, I say “Eat cake, be merry!” (insert loud thunderous cheers and clapping from the crowd)

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  1. i slathered the sides of a butterfly cake in M & M’s last year to cover up the fact that the cake looked nothing like the one in the picture, and the light pink frosting was covered in dark chocolate crumbs from my inept attempts at frosting it. ugliest cake ever. every adult in the room turned down a piece, even two kids.

  2. thinkmagnetkids says:

    Ha, love it. I would have had seconds. Thanks for sharing.

  3. *loud thunderous clapping*

    I love love love that you stuck a plastic trophy on a cake that looks like….like it was frosted by an exhausted mother. For ONCE someone posts a cake that is realistic and didn’t cost $400 or 50 hours of their own blood, sweat, and tears. THANK YOU for being realistic.

    *high five*

    • thinkmagnetkids says:

      *knucks that blow up*
      Thanks Bargain Babe! You are so welcome. I have my fair share of cheesy posts and cool cakes, but I do my best to keep it real…and yes, I was exhausted, which made it all that much funnier.

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