Math in Your Feet and Plate Games on Your Table

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I’ve added in a few exciting updates….

Well I’m just a huge fan of the site and program “Math in Your Feet” by Malke Rosenfeld.  Malke combines her gifts of dance and math. I wish my high school Algebra class would have done the same. It turns out,  The Plate Game  had a bigger impact on her than just that night’s dinner. She tells how mulling over The Plate Game led to an A-Ha moment while playing with her daughter and tangrams in a post she calls “The Big Discovery”.  I’m so honored to be mentioned in the post. And, here’s what I call a Godwink, I have been working on a Tangram post all week. Oh the tangled plates and tangrams we weave.

Update: Malke did a TED TALK! She’s like…famous. Keep an eye on her. She’s making math dance all over the country…make that the WORLD!

And…did you see that Malke was my FIRST online relationship? We even got to meet, and she wasn’t catfishing me at all. She’s the real deal.

(Insert clogging noises)


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  1. It was SO meant to be! Can’t wait to read your tangram post and thanks for sharing my Big Discovery here!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing with the Kids Co-Op! We look forward to seeing more from you 🙂

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