Displaying Children’s Artwork at Home

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I’ve moved a lot. Like….a lot a lot.  One of the many things I’ve learned in hauling your stuff in and out of boxes, is that you learn quickly the things you love, the things you like, and the things you can forget about quickly. I’m soooooo done moving and I want to fill my home with the stuff I love. The stuff I loooove is a memory or connection or object made with love with family or friends whether its a cool rock from the lake, photos, or an art project like our family tree art.


The amazing decorator, Nate Berkus (who has a standing invitation for tea and decorating) says, “Our homes should tell a story of who we are.” I love that. I think about that thought when I stare at blank walls in the house I finally will plant roots in. And, oh honey have I got some blank walls in this 3rd year in my home. But there is always a moment, a magical moment, when I finally walk past or stare at a wall and it comes to me.


Drumroll please…


I had one of those “unblank the wall” moments yesterday. I had oooohhhed and ahhhhhed at a friend of mine’s house over 6 months ago (Hi Emily!) who did this very thing, yet it just now occurred to me to do it too. I didn’t over analyze it. My gracious husband just handed over a hammer, some nails with a smile, and some slightly bitter advice. He said “make sure each of the kids are represented, unlike my house where my brother was the official artist.”  I had kept a marvelous collection (clutter stack) of the kids’ elementary artwork in our pub (what we call our dining room) for the last year-ish, and likely whispered promises to it of a glorious display. All it took was a soda and some music and wa-la…our art gallery had begun. The kids skipped by several times whooping, clapping, and getting in my way.


This is the view when you walk in my front door. I love how you get a peek at it.

My favorite parts:

1. There’s plenty more wall. There will be plenty more art.

2. This area leads to the basement, aka, the kids “go play” zone.

3. I hope when the kids are sitting in Art with their fabulous teacher (Hi Jenna!), they know there will be a special place to honor their creativity and effort in a treasured spot in our home.

4. Um….FREE.

For us, the “story of who we are” certainly can be told best with the help of our children…but not the entire house:)  Now it’s on to staring at the next blank wall and wondering…what story shall I tell next?

Happy decorating! Says the non-decorator, Shelisa


My dog is not impressed. He’d like a wall of chicken liver.

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  1. i LOVE the idea of putting my son’s work up on a wall but i don’t want it to look all tape-y and haphazard-y and amature-y-ish. however, i do not have deep enough pockets to buy for frames for everything to make it look like a gallery. how did you actually apply the pieces to the actual wall? can you change out the pieces easily? btw, i love your humor and writing style!

    • thinkmagnetkids says:

      Hi Mary,
      I nailed the artwork straight to the wall. I’m going for a collage-y, non-rotating look. I want to fill that entire space floor to ceiling…and maybe even the ceiling with their art. There’s a bazillion ideas out there on Pinterest that are more of what you are describing (gallery & changeable). The important part is to have fun with it and celebrate art!

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