My First Online Relationship

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It started with a plate and ended with tape…and a whole lot of Math and laughs in between.

First, nearly a year ago in January 2012, I blogged about our family Plate Game.  The dancing, math genius named Malke from “Math in Your Feet” left a comment. She liked. I liked back. A cyber-blogging friendship of motherhood and teacherhood began.

Then a few weeks later, Malke, had “A Big Discovery!” , that involved my little plate game, which made my blogging heart go pitter-patter. I screamed and called my husband, my best friend (Hi Ang!), my mom, and I probably even told my dog. That led to more conversations and mutual blog reading.  When I learned that she traveled to elementary schools to teach her “Math in Your Feet” Program I knew I had to share with my kids’ school. Thankfully, their school has one of the greatest PE teachers on the planet who brings in innovative ideas to get kids moving and grooving. In the spring, the next thing I know…our district invited Malke….MY Malke, to teach our district PE teachers!! I screamed and called my husband, my best friend (Hi Ang!), my mom, and probably even told my dog again.

Snap of fingers. Calendar pages fly off. First Days of School. Zoom. October. The day had come! I worked late in my classroom that day (and oh, many others!), and here she came. Malke. Math in Your Feet Malke. AT MY SCHOOL! I was a bit star struck. Math struck. Tape Struck. I’ll get to the tape in a minute. We hugged and laughed…and then got to work setting up her math dance floor.

Our school’s PE teacher, Denise, Malke, and I

And then there was tape. A lot of tape.


No one explains what Malke does better than Malke…and she just so happened to be invited to do a TED talk. See…famous. You can watch her Math Magic here.

And then there was food! We introduced her to KC BBQ that night, and to the Blue Moose for lunch before she left. I had to go to a different district in-service, but I heard Malke and Math in Your Feet was fun and fabulous!

Lessons Learned

1. Online connections aren’t all creepy.

2. The internet connects teachers worldwide and that is super cool.

3. Buy stock in painter’s tape.

4. I love to dance, but do not think mathematically. I wish my high school Algebra teacher knew how to dance or that I could have gotten extra credit for my time in the dance club on Wednesday nights.

5. You can never have enough friends or connections in life to support your profession, parenting, or just life in general.

To learn more about Math in Your Feet and see if Malke can do a Math Jig at your school, visit her blog! Here’s a video to see Malke in action! Eye on Kids: In step for ISTEP

Now go…connect, dance, and make learning fun! Shelisa

PS. Malke, you have to come back because I didn’t get to dance this time and we forgot to play the plate game at our meals! 😉

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  1. I *so* wish you could have been able to dance with us but I’m very grateful we did have a chance to hang out and chat (and eat KC BBQ). I also agree with your ‘lessons learned’ list — keeping a blog has been an incredible professional development experience for me. I’ve learned alot from reflecting on my own work and have benefitted from the wisdom and experience of some awesome teachers and people I would never have met if not for the internet. p.s. You’re even more awesome in person! 🙂

  2. What a great story! I think meeting someone online – in appropriate contexts – makes you somewhat closer than randomly meeting face-to-face. You can see a lot of past background fast.


  1. […] you see that Malke was my FIRST online relationship? We even got to meet, and she wasn’t catfishing me at all. She’s the real […]

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