DIY Book Brackets

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Living in Kansas, we’re all pretty crazy about basketball and March Madness. My kindergarten is also crazy about Dr. Seuss. So it made perfect sense to me to combine the two! Over the course of several weeks, we read a Sweet 16 of Dr. Seuss books. We applied our reading and comprehension strategies along the way and came up with one champion! Congratulations Gerald McBoing McBoing!

Consider a book bracket at home with your family favorites! Or, how about a bracket of animals or foods? Whatever you bracket, you will find a lot of learning and laughs along the way.

With my own basketball bracket in shatters, I find comfort knowing I was involved with one bracket that did very well. –Shelisa

PS. In this post there’s a quick, free 16 bracket!

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  1. Dawn H. says:

    I am a librarian in a Pre-K to 5 school. Your Dr. Seuss book bracket will be a way that all grades can participate in March Madness since all grade levels know Dr. Seuss! Thanks so much for posting your ideas!!!!

  2. I was wondering if you could explain how you did this. I am sooo not a sports person and want to do this one.

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