Book Blitz!

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My middle daughter enjoys reading, but we’re trying to nudge her to bookworm status. Her wonderful 2nd grade teacher is a huge inspiration to Ava in countless ways, but it was a recent class “snowball book blitz” that helped our daughter push herself to read chapter books. The class was divided into two teams and they had a book battle to see which team could read the most pages. They were all winners of course, but the “losers” had to serve the winners their class ice cream treat at the end of the blitz.

Ava’s team lost, but her interest in reading has soared. It was her idea to continue a book blitz at home! Oh be still my beating heart! We’ve reached 4000 minutes, with a week to go. Our goal is to get to 5000. Then, perhaps this summer, we’ll try to beat our score with Book Blitz 2. I hope we can blitz many times over the next few years as a family tradition.  We love a friendly competition so we may even consider posing a challenge to another family or maybe dividing into 2 teams by adding in some grandparents or cousins. If you have little ones where number of pages aren’t appropriate to keep track of, adjust your Blitz accordingly. Ex: Earn 1 snowball for each book or for every 10 minutes you read.

Not only are you reading…consider the following teachable moments depending on the age of your kids:

  • Math–reading a clock, using a timer, estimation, more/less, rounding up/down, addition…
  • Book talks–compare/contrast what each family member is reading! Discuss topics or brainstorm topics to research
  • Create a Book Blitz Super Word list and each reader can add in a new word they read from each book to share with the family
  • The family that reads together….is well, smart.

If you do a book blitz, check back in and share your story in the comments below!

Happy Reading,


PS. We ended our 1st Book Blitz with 5,881 pages! Can you beat us?

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