The Frozen Giving Tree

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8am: I don’t know yet if we’ll lose the kids’ first nearly daily climbing tree, but its stirred up some serious frosty emotion around here. Even bacon couldn’t cheer them up at breakfast, although it certainly boosted my parenting moment.

The funny thing is it brought back nearly 30 year old emotions of my favorite climbing tree. If you’ve read this post, you know I’ve moved a lot. During 3rd-5th grades I lived a small town called Carthage, MO (Hi, Lora & KT!) with a tree that fit me perfectly. It had the best, cozy nook to sit and read. Oh man, I can feel the bark on my back. I can see the intermittent shade from the leaves dance across the pages of my paperback books, likely Judy Bloom, Babysitter’s Club, or Sweet Valley High. I loved that tree and I’m pretty sure it loved me. When I read The Giving Tree, its the tree that I think of. I’m pretty sure I hugged it good-bye. I’m a tree hugger.

10:30am: Update…A REAL Giving Tree Moment. A Tree Hero.


When I went outside to check on the tree and snap a few more pictures here comes Melvin with his stick.  Melvin is a walking definition of neighborly love.  I told him how just a few hours ago big, hot tears were rolling down the cheeks of the kids as they contemplated a broken tree. He smiled a knowingly smile, closed his eyes tight, and ducked as snow plummeted onto his face and coat.


The Giving Tree. The Giving Neighbor. A tree saved. The kids poked their heads out and cheered. We’ve planned out a thank-you. Thank you for being kind. Thank you for showing my kids how to be a loving neighbor through a storm.


Turns out, I’ve done a lot of tree posts. I wonder if its the 8 year old inside of my brain who still misses that tree. I’ll LEAF (wink, wink) you with a few tree posts. And, I’d love to hear your tree stories.

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If you have a tree post or story, please add it into the comments below!

Also, climb on up the Pinterest Tree to my collaborative board dedicated to activities with trees! 

Now excuse me while I go climb up into the tree and weep.


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