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I know for sure that many of the best ideas in our house come from ignoring my kids. Not in an unsafe, unhealthy way of course, but in a “go play!” way….in a non-pinterest, unplanned “go play!” way…in a “your eyes are bleeding from the Wii, turn it off and play with real humans way”…hypothetically, speaking.

If they dare say “I’m bored” I shoot lightening bolts out of my ears and say in a Zeus Thunder Voice, “Only boring people get bored!” And, they skip along and keep playing because no one wants to deal with Zeus Mom. This is the statement they will roll their eyes at and use to mock me behind my back, but it will also be the phrase they will use with their own kids and have the “I sound like my mother” moment.

One magical day in the land of “Go Play!” the kids hit one of the coolest milestones to date. Folks, I’m not sure it gets better than this. Well, the food will, but they cooked up an idea (pun intended) to serve John and I dinner.  I’ll say it again. THEY made US dinner! They worked and planned and prepped and played. They asked us to arrive to the living room at exactly 5:00 to wait. Then handed us a phone, set to go off at 5:04. It was our restaurant pager. That’s epic.


(It’s not slime, it’s juice from a juicer!)

Cheers to not wiping butts anymore.


Cheers to kids able to read, write, and make a sandwich. Cheers for kids who can independently delegate and coordinate.


Cheers to “May I take your order please?” manners and service with a smile.


Cheers to knowing how to use a butter knife properly and cutting up your own food. We are 90% retired kid-food-cutters.


Cheers for knowing you should serve veggies at each meal even if you often only pretend to eat them.


Cheers for allowing dogs in your Kids’ Cafe. Clearly, he’s excited about this milestone too.


Cheers for giving us space to eat and talk. Cheers for candlelight. Double cheers for also providing a well-planned dinner show half-way through our meal.


And, cheers to the milk spill during our leftover Halloween candy dessert. It was the perfect reminder of just how far we’ve come.

Such an amazing family evening and teachable moment. We were all “let’s open the Kids’ Cafe every Sunday!” Yeah, well, that didn’t happen. A month has passed and Kids’ Cafe hasn’t even opened for a 2nd time, yet. But, no doubt the seed is planted and one day in the near future Kids’ Cafe will switch on the “open” light. Our goal is to help them expand their menu, kitchen skills, nutrition knowledge, and math skills of grocery shopping. We’ll use the cafe nights to help them learn about teamwork in getting meals to the table and cleaned back up again. Most importantly, when the time is right, we’ll implement a few things off of our Revenge Plan. (insert Zeus Mom voice—Waaa-ha-haaa)

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  1. thinkmagnetkids says:

    Kitty, that is AWESOME!

  2. What a wonderful family evening! Looks like you have taught them well.

  3. Absolutely love this idea! What a great way to bond and to teach your children valuable skills. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you at True Aim!

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