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Our latest family art was inspired by my MLK post where I came across Family Frugal’s Fun Blog which lists this dove art from The Crafty Crow…I love parent-blogs, save these 2 to your favorites! So many ideas floating around out there. Thank you Family Frugal and Crafty Crow! The kids were genuinely excited to add this touch of peace to our wall. The cheeseball in me had  each of our family of 5 leave a fingerprint for the leaves.

First I asked my lefty to paint the background blue because she was looking for something to do.

Then, after the blue paint dried, I cheated. I printed this dove off the internet, cut it out, and glued it on.

I winked at my 7 year old and asked the 6 & 5 year old “Hmmm, help Mommy. We have 3 kids and 6 colors. How many colors per kid? Peace dove math is fun.

Let the painting begin! Q-tips work well for dot art too, but I wanted their precious little fingers on here.

But, not their elbows. Sigh…this isn’t as peaceful as a peace painting should be.

Especially when little brother does everything his big sisters do…

But the mess all washes away and we’re left with a sweet reminder of little fingers and big ideas of PEACE!

Do some googling to find other examples of “pointillism” (dot art). It’s a mini trip to the art museum, without fighting parking and kids who have to go to the bathroom when its furthest away.

Peace Out!

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  1. you rock, momma!

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