Hugging Tighter

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Happy New Year! Here’s my New Year’s Resolution. I’m sorry my thoughts occasionally spill out in poetic melodrama. You may enjoy it more while eating a block of Velveeta.


Hug tighter

To time, to each other, to connections

Breathe deeper

To relax, to live, to care

Not perfectly

Just laughing through the imperfections of life

Doing the best we can, when we can

No guilt. No stress. No comparing.

We are who we are

Saying “no” more often, to be able to say “yes” more often

Yes to margin in our lives

Yes to unwinding

Yes to creativity

Yes to dances in the kitchen

Yes to jigsaw puzzles

Yes to one more book

Yes to boardgames after dinner

Yes to dandelion bouquets

Yes to friends who love you just the way you are

Yes to loving others just the way they are

Not perfectly, just authentically

Breathe deeper

To let go, to take in, to give away

Hug tighter

To listen, to share, to know

Hug tighter

To the moments, to the laughter, to that feeling of home.

Hug tighter

To gratitude, to purpose, to love.




*Peace, love, hugs, and cheese my friends,  Shelisa*

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