A Snowy Day

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Our first substantial snow of the year, a few inches. Enough for a leafy snowman, a snowball fight, and some backyard sledding.

We used the sledding as chance to use the Pythagorean Theorem to predict the rate of our descent….I kid. I kid.  Is that even possible? We just sledded! We laughed at the yellow snow. We made snow angels. We polka dotted the trees with snowballs. I left the dishes in the sink and we ordered pizza for dinner. (The dishes are still there while I write. Don’t tell the Fly Lady!)

It’s moments like today, a snowfall. A stop everything and play snowfall that is a perfect reminder. I know, I know, we have grown up responsibilities, but stop and play every chance we get before they grow up. When I ask my older, wiser parent-friends for wisdom, they tell me to savor this age and stage of being over the baby trenches and far from the unknown forest of the teenage years.

After we made a huge pile of wet clothes, I escaped for the longest shower known to mankind, without even shaving my legs. I just melted. Like that snowman will in a few days. Melted away motherhood. Smiling at the sledding. Smiling at how we ambushed John just like the “Elf” snowball fight. Smiling at how our puppy kept running off with the snowman’s stick arms. Letting the conditioner work its magic while I contemplated how my first baby could possibly be turning 8. Wasn’t I just 8, sledding down my hill?

PS. Snow can be a fun time to learn. Here’s what we did one snowy day.

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