Christmas Party by the Kids

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We woke up on Thursday to a snow day! No school…but the kids also missed their highly anticipated winter parties with their classmates. With this one suggestion, “Why don’t you just throw your own party?”, they were off planning and partying from about 10am until after 3:00. I call that a success. No need for pinterest planning today. No runs to the craft store. No stress.


My favorite part was observing the planning, each with their own style and needs, coming together for a perfectly imperfect party they were all equally invested. My oldest absolutely had to have a written schedule and referred to it constantly to the minute. My middle kid liked planning an order to the activities but had no desire to write a schedule down or follow it. My youngest would have just wanted to skip all of this and play the Wii, but that wasn’t a choice.



We taught them our “Chocolate Game” the night before. We each choose one without looking at the “map” and must try it. Then we discuss, trade, judge, and sometimes spit into napkins. They crossed this off of their list because we had just played last night and they really wanted hot chocolate instead. I, myself, would have let them do both…but they didn’t ask and that  meant more chocolate for me.

IMG_1486 “The Un-Perfect Present”, as they named it, turned out to be a perfect game. Two kids leave the room, 1 kid puts something from the room inside. The other 2 have to ask questions to figure it out. I play a version of this game in all my classes, but I call it Mystery Bag.                              IMG_1491Pin the nose on Rudolph. A classic. And, we snuck in a little talk about honesty vs cheating. And, if you’re gonna cheat, at least don’t put the nose on perfectly…just close enough to win the prize;)

IMG_1496The “Snowball Fight” was actually using their marshmallow shooters to see how many as a team they could land in the Christmas tray.

IMG_1471Then some snow time…

IMG_1499followed by hot chocolate and a movie. They were tired from partying, but also from being in charge of it all…including clean-up. Fun, thinking, bonding all wrapped up with a used bow. I joined in the games, but also spent some time breathing…relaxing…reading…doing a puzzle…and didn’t leave my pajamas the entire day. A perfect first day of vacation.

Wishing you each a peaceful, restful holiday break where your kids exhaust their creative juices allowing you the energy to do whatever it is you want to do.

Love, Shelisa


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  1. Brilliant!! Am soooooo jealous of your snow day. Tis going to be close to 100 F down here in our part of Oz for Christmas……

  2. thinkmagnetkids says:

    Hello Australia! Santa’s sleigh might turn into a surfboard down under. The kids and I were just looking at the Nordic Santa Tracker at Australia. Merry 100 F Christmas!

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