Darts for Kids

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Let’s face it. We (parents of small kids) don’t go “out” enough. When we do we’re back in by 9:00, and its highly likely we ended up at the grocery store. If we did go out, we’re yawning by 8:00. We blame getting back for the babysitter, but really we’re just tired and want the coziness of our house…and sweatpants. Our souls are tired. We realized after the chaos of early parenting, that we started bringing the “out” in…movies, concerts on the palladium channel, home gyms, fire pits, and chocolate fountains. This phase of life is why we deleted a formal dining room from our lives and instead we call it a pub. With darts. Pubs must have darts.

Parents who throw darts once in awhile on a Saturday afternoon (not 11pm) have kids who’d like to try too. Parents take one look at this flagged needle sport and say no.


Until…the joy of a magnetic mini dartboard enters our lives through the Amazon Fairy. Kids see darts. I see math practice. We highly encourage competition between the siblings purely for our entertainment and to provide some decent emotional scarring for them to banter about later in life.


And “that” kid, the “sticks darts on fingers/toes kid” sees the world differently…just go with it.

Happy darting,


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