Halloween Parent Tricks for Toddlers

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Wild Kingdom, indeed. The monkey was 2.5, the zebra was 15 months, and the turtle was…well a turtle…6 weeks old. No way we were going trick or treating.

Turns out, “playing” trick or treat was the best trick ever. And, trying to explain to a 2 and 1 year old that if they rang the doorbell we’d give them a piece of candy was ridiculously entertaining to pass another wild evening.

They didn’t even know what candy was yet, although, we did introduce them to the beauty of M & Ms.

Here’s some reminders you may need:

1. You don’t have to do anything.

2. They won’t remember.

3. Fake pose a few pictures and roll.

4. Trick or treat 2 of your neighbors and call it good.

5. Say it with me. Halloween with toddlers = early bedtime.

6. It gets better. WAY better!

Trick or treat, Shelisa

PS. Fun time to sneak in some counting or colors. “Pass Mom 3 green M&Ms please!”

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  1. DianeMargaret says:

    Nothing upsets us more than people who, with NO other children, will come trick or treating with a 2 month old or something!!! That just SMACKS of greed! You KNOW that candy, meant for children, is for those PARENTS!!! Grrrr
    Our daughter went to 4 houses at one year old (and we asked that they NOT give her candy) and this year will go to the same four houses. The only difference is…THIS year, she knows what candy means! I can only hope that she’ll be too busy socializing to take the candy!!!

  2. Playing trick or treat? How genius are you! My oldest is 9 so we can’t get away with that anymore. I had to chime in though, that our 2.5 yr old was also a monkey this year and had the EXACT costume that your little monkey has! So cute.
    I love your zebra and turtle too. 🙂

    And what a good mom you are to include math lessons with the halloween. *wink*

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