Acorn People

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If I were President, I would make sure each family had a childhood supply of wobbly eyes.

Then, when you randomly stopped at a new park in your new city and found these little treasures, you instantly knew it was wobbly eye time. Two years later, you’ll finally get around to blogging about it while the kids scream in the background about going to the Acorn People Park again. Don’t tell them you forgot which one it was.

While you are collecting acorn people parts, you’ll have an excuse to also talk about the life cycle of trees and how your grandpa knew the name of every single tree he ever saw. Tell Acorn People stories on the drive home. And, after laughing at making Acorn People, you can read The Giving Tree for the 7,392nd time and try not to cry. It may make you want to make a tree in your house or read about The Three Trees or do some more tree activities.

As the kids fill up some big glass jar full of acorns, make sure they estimate first how many will go inside before they count them! Then, carefully place the Acorn People on top where they will look at you creepily while you do the dishes. And, when you move over to the fridge to grab a glass of sweet tea, they’ll be watching…they’re nuts! 😉

Here’s to festive goggly eyes for all! Shelisa

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