Tile Floors: A tool to pass the time.

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We’ve all been there. Name a place. Name a meltdown. My son is scaredy cat at movies. Big sisters are not. My son was not so brave at Brave. So we had tile time.

1. Count the squares…and not just the obvious ones. The squares made from squares too! Or make and count rectangles.

2. Find Patterns

3. Count the tiles. Jump and count by twos or fives…depending on the tile size and athletic ability of your child.

4. Hopscotch

5. Other gross motor practice: galloping, skipping, stand on one foot, all done with a tile command–“skip to the next brown tile”

6.  Tile Stories: take turns making up a story as you walk tile to tile. Say a sentence to the story. Hop to a new tile and wait for the mad mom who left the popcorn with dad to make up a sentence.

7. Tile dancing. Do a dance move. Jump to the next tile. Do another dance move. Said mad mom above will forget about her popcorn from laughing.

8. Name game. Your child has to say a name of someone he/she knows with each tile. Really funny to hear their list once they get past the obvious. (Could do the same with shapes, colors, numbers, animals, book titles, etc.)

9.  Add dice. Maybe one of my favorite things to carry in my purse. Let your child design a board game using the tiles! This is my favorite thing on this list.

10. Another dice one:  Predict how many rolls of the dice it will take to cross the room. Do it again!

Learning is all around us! Have fun with it, even during the weird waiting games on tile.


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  1. Awesome ideas! My boys are still in the wiggly, can’t stay in a line stage so this list is going to come in handy. Pinning it to share with others too.


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