Snuggling with Noodles: My First Interview

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Hi Think Magnets!

On the bloggy days when I think “Why am I even doing this?” I get a new fun email. That happened last week.

I got an email from, get this…The SNUGGLE BEAR!  Elena Schloss is a blogger AND a voice over artist for commercials, radio, cartoons, toys, etc. She’s been the Snuggle Bear, Robot Reba in The Backyardigans, and a Subway sandwich girl for the radio. She’s also a musician in her own band called “The Hiccups” and co-writer on the PBS Kids Rock Album which is played between shows on PBS and Sprout. She also speaks/sings on some of the Spanish channels.

Elena Schloss of Noodles on the Wall.

Elena’s blog is called Noodles on the Wall. The title is very creative, right? Fitting for a blog about creativity! She writes about creativity that is especially inspired by Creative Moms Taking On The Creative.  Her goal is to share creative Mom ideas, products and talents to the world while throwing some inspiring noodles along the way.  This blog is a keeper, people. I have loved reading about the different moms, and enjoy Elena’s inspiring blog posts.

So, when one gets an email from the Snuggle Bear, one may be a little starstruck and also reminded how behind in laundry one is. When Snuggle bear asks for an interview, you might spill your soda creating more laundry. Oh, the irony. She asked if I would participate in her new feature about moms taking on the creative with her kids. It’s called The Noodle Spotlight: Throwing Noodles With Mom!

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Well, how do you ever tell the Snuggle Bear no? So, I did the best I could answering questions about creativity. My first official interview as Think Magnet.  I tried not to be nervous, but was a little. I am no expert. Well, except with chocolate and making a good cuppa tea. And creating clutter. And moving. And the running man. This parenting & teaching gig is organic, fluid, ongoing. I’m always learning and messing up. I’ve learned never to say never or always…and there’s 100s of brilliant ways to  parent, teach, and well, lots of stuff. So with all that in mind, I answered the best I could for today.

I’d love if you popped over to read the interview, and just know somewhere I am blushing. I didn’t mean to write a poem. It just happened.



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  1. KC in VA says:

    Kudos to you on the spotlight post! 🙂

  2. Becky Waddell says:

    Shelisa! Even in the days when we were Fee Fee and Foo Foo, I knew you would do something amazing. Your interview is fantabulous!! My mom and I already have plans to have Megan scrapbook Kindergarten and have set up our hallway in using your organization idea for school work. I am speechless at the extent of your talent, but very blessed to have you as a dear friend. Love you to pieces!

    • Thank you Becks! Your comments are so kind and generous. How I miss Fee Fee and Foo Foo! 😉 I bet Meggie will love her special school spot. You are such a wonderful mama, friend, and foo-foo. XOXO

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