The License Plate Game App

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I’m nostalgic, sure. But I love me some apps. It  took me exactly 3 seconds to mourn the pencil/paper or magnetic version of the license plate game. On our recent family road trip to the lake, we passed around my phone to whoever spotted the new state plate. And, bonus, if we spotted some new license plates while eating in a restaurant or away from our car, phone was in hand. Bam!

For the record, we also added NV, AL, MN, SD after this screen shot was taken.

After looking at license plate apps the first 10 minutes of our trip, I settled on this one for $1 called State Plate Bingo by Winter Graphics North. You can touch the map or use the drop down to add a state plate. I loved that we were staring at the map and not a list of license plates or initials. The kids made fun observations like “if we took a trip to North Carolina or Montana, I bet we’d see a lot of different states.” or “Wow, look how far away New Jersey is!” If I made 1 suggestion to the app makers it would be to have the running total number displayed on the screen.

Another fun tidbit, is the quick facts about the state as you added it which lead to other fun conversations, car googling, and giggling. So, while we officially found 17 state plates on this 7 day trip (our number to beat), I think we’ll just let it keep going as we’re out and about in Kansas to see how many we can get before our next trip.

Happy State Plate Hunting!  Shelisa

For more state activities check out my son’s state bday bash! 

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  1. Christina says:

    Ooh, this looks like one I’ve got to get. My kids have been pointing out out-of-state plates since our trip to North Carolina!

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