When I Grow Up

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Funny how when you’re a kid, you just can’t wait to grow up, get taller, get to the next grade, the next year, need the bigger version, the next size. The birthday candle smoke still lingering and someone says “Just think, next year you’ll be…”

When you finally grow up, you can’t find enough time to act like a kid again, and you certainly don’t want to go up a size.  You stop thinking about the next year and squeeze tightly to the day you’re in. Where’s the pause button? Slow down, life!

If my legs were really this long, I would have finished this walk-jog a long time ago…then again, I probably would be too busy training for the Olympic  basketball team. I’d also have to change my blog name to giraffemom.com.

So here’s to playing with your kids, I’m all for that. There’s 900 million blog posts about ways to play with your kids. But, really–here’s to US, “the grown ups”  being playful everyday with our friends, colleagues, family, neighbors, and strangers. Ditch drama.  Smile more. Crack people up more. Laugh, don’t stress.  I know its easier said than done, but make it your goal. You have to sneak it in somewhere between equity and meal planning.

Big ways to play. Little ways to play. A whole lot of medium ways. Support your significant other’s playtime. Find your own playtime.  Surround yourself with playful people–a shout out to all my peeps. I feel like I must have the most hilarious Facebook feed of funniest friends ever. (I hope we all feel that way!)

We’re all better parents when we’ve had time with our partner, friends, family, and ourselves. And, I hope, while our children are growing up waaaay too quickly, they will see models in us of growing older but never growing old in spirit.

Sorry if your screen is entirely covered in cheese. Love, Shelisa

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