“Mom/Dad, What is This?” : Living History

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While it’s fun to step back in time to Little House on the Prairie, I find both value and entertainment teaching the kids from the living history all around us. It gives a “voice” to history for our kids as its unfolding, and…it just plain cracks us up.

John and I have written this post in our heads over years of conversations. It’s a list that is ever growing…

CDS, I’m coming for you next. –Shelisa

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  1. Niki Gould says:

    Fabulous! <3

  2. We recently had a conversation about the wonders of dial-up Internet with an attempted re-creation of the sound.
    Also, Bella and I just discussed “what if I get lost?” when she someday takes her first road trip. I started to say “you won’t get lost, you write down the directions before you leave”….wait. Smartphone! Wow, things HAVE changed!

    • Ha…Nic, I love that you tried to recreate that awful dial-up sound. Your directions conversation cracks me up. I may have to make up another picture with an giant road atlas…if I can even find one! Not sure that made our last move;)

  3. What about dot matrix printers? I loved the rhythms they made when printing, especially something regular like a form or something. My kid likes ‘old fashioned’ stuff so I got her a typewriter at Goodwill which she adores — I’m dreading the day it runs out of ribbon because it’s like camera film — I don’t think anyone makes it any more!!! (Do you have ‘Mommy what’s this?’ for those old film canisters?)

    Also, speaking as the wife of a media preservation specialist/sound archivist, you might want to think about how to transfer that mix tape to digital and then back *that* up in about three different places because even digital media won’t last forever, lol! (Sorry if I scared you….but it’s TRUE 😉

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