The 10 Frame Bakery: Kindergarten Math Activity Aligned with The Common Core

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Introducing my first of many “Brain Bags” aligned with Kindergarten Common Core! What’s Common Core? It’s a unified roadmap of goals and expectations per grade level through high school. 45 states have adopted using the Common Core Standards in public schools. After personally teaching in several states and 2 years of military kids from all over the USA, I’m excited about them for students and for teachers.  For more information, here’s the website. 

This Math brain bag is focused on adding to 10 with using a “ten frame” with a bakery theme. I can’t help thinking of food;) Ten Frames are a common tool in early childhood grades for growing fluency with addition/subtraction to 10. In this brain bag, students use play dough (or a manipulative, dry erase marker, etc) to finish the baking trays of treats. Then, they fill out the math equation on the bakery order form. Just for fun, I also included 2 of my personal favorite recipes from two of the 10 frame trays.

Here’s a Free Large Blank 10 Frame Printable to use for your own 10 Frame Activities! Fill up part of the 10 frame with something (crackers, chocolate chips, pennies, beads, hot wheels, etc). Ask your child how many more to make 10?  Or, start with 10 and ask how many do you take away to leave 4? Make up a word problem to go with it.

My brain bags are sized to fit in a 3 ring binder pencil zip bag or a zip lock gallon bag. I’ve made many and used them for years with my own children. I used to bring them on car rides or stick them in my purse. I plan on using them in my classroom as homework or at work stations. I recently decided to tie them to the new Common Core Standards and make them available on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook. See the links in the sidebar!

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Or this buttonto sell on Teachers Notebook…

Happy 10s and treats, Shelisa

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