Sea Star Pretzels Legs Grow Back Too

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We have been graciously given some magazine subscriptions over the years by family. “Your Big Backyard” by Ranger Rick is one of our favorites (Not paid to say that). Here’s how it often plays out at our house, but not every month. Sometimes, we just read it:)

When excitement hits, a child will bring a request to me to do a project or recipe. This specific after school moment was a request to make the Sea Star Pretzels.  Even though I had exactly 3,948 things on my to do list, and sometimes I put requests off for other times, today, we just stopped and baked. It was exactly the impulsive, silly, messy break I needed…minus the dishes.

Cooking is an important life long skill and a fun way to learn all sorts of things. Now that the kids are 8, nearly 7 and 5.5 I try to put them in charge as much as possible. They read the recipe and set out the ingredients and tools. Then we read one step at a time and make an enormous mess. I try to teach them to clean as they go…but I’m not that best at that one either.

When they realized there was only 1 egg to crack, I stayed quiet and let them figure out how to manage who the lucky egg cracker would be. Great opportunity to practice compromising!

While our sea stars were in the oven we had 20 minutes to sit and read the magazine together, starting with the sea stars. I didn’t realize there were so many kinds!

Did you know even pretzel sea stars legs will grow back? Whew…

Here’s the link to Your Big Backyard’s Sea Star Recipe!  They didn’t taste like the Auntie Anne’s pretzels I wanted them too, but they were good. More bread like than pretzel, but good enough. A topping or dip may be a bonus.


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