YouTube Social Studies: Amy Walker and Her 21 Accents

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My 8 year old has been fascinated with accents lately. Which made me remember….Amy Walker! She graciously appeared on my¬†Facebook page one random day. I was mesmerized. I love accents. She’s amazing. Here’s her 21 Accents website. It even includes video tutorials! Fun stuff.

“Mom, we should write down where all the accents are from!”

“Um, totally!”

We watched twice, laughed and imitated, Maya made a list. I printed a blank world map, and we meant to stamp out the locations of Amy’s Accents…but never did. We were too busy trying out accents. Maybe another time or maybe not at all. Maybe a different child. I try to ride the kids’ wave of excitement. (I just said that in an Irish Accent, by the way, did you read it that way?)

Social Studies Lesson O’ the Day! Thank you Amy Walker!

Happy Accents, Shelisa

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