Puppy’s 1st Birthday Party!

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My 3 kids (8, 6, 5) had so much fun planning a birthday party for our beloved puppy. It had all the elements of a perfect birthday party.

An invitation, sent to a couple of Risby’s closest pals.

A special treat for the birthday boy, thanks to a local dog bakery. I wonder what he wished for?

A sweet treat for humans. Puppy Chow may be the most addicting dessert out there.

A party hat and a party pic!

A classic dog game…pop the bubbles.

A trip to a new dog park with a canine swimming area and some new friends.

A present to unwrap and play with the next hour until exhaustion hits.

A tired dog is a good dog. Happy 1st Birthday Risby!

Plenty of teachable moments for the kids in honor of our Rizzer Bo Bizzers

  • Brainstorming & compromising as they generated ideas
  • Editing pictures and emailing it (they just watched)
  • Looking up a new dog park ¬†and viewing it on a map…distance, time, amenities…
  • Analyzing interaction at a dog park is always entertaining and educational, also seeing all the different dog breeds
  • Reading the puppy chow recipe and helping make it
  • We laughed our guts out trying to get the party hat pic they wanted. I told them the same happened when they were 1.
  • Another idea we personally didn’t get to: Risby Stories…oh, and his baby book…still working on the others;)
  • Pausing to celebrate a year of a very loved life

Learning is all around. It’s even at puppy parties;)

Woof, Woof! Shelisa

PS. John and I named Risby 10 years ago when we had been living in England for 3 years. Risby is a tiny village that I visited often for tea and a huge, wonderful antique barn. “Risby would be a good dog name”…..when we ended up with an Airedale, we knew he was our Risby. All of this was another teachable moment for the kids. Talks of England, looking at a map…And, I’m pretty sure he barks with a beautiful British accent.

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  1. Brilliant – I was asked this week by my 2 year old when our dog’s birthday was as she needed a party – I think we should make one up in honour of her as I don’t actually know.

    Thank you for linking to Tuesday Tots

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