Math + Art: Modifying a Favorite Blogger’s Idea to Fit My Kids

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No Time For Flash Cards

I’m a huge fan of the blog, No Time for Flashcards. It is an absolute treasure chest of hands-on, fun learning. I visit often and come across Allison’s ideas on Pinterest weekly.

With thousands of ideas floating across the internet, I thought it would be meaningful to show you how I took a recent idea from No Time for Flashcards, and modified it for my daughters. When I saw the Pin to this post called Roll & Paint-Math and Art Together, I knew it had my 1st grader’s name all over it.

In the original post, her 5 year old child would roll a di, then stamp that many times on the paper, and repeat. Her 2 year old was busy enjoying circle painting. An artistic, messy, mathy counting activity!

Since my 6 year old Ava is working on addition, I gave her a set of dice to add together, then stamp that many times. She loved it!

And, of course, when washing off the paint Ava was in awe of the colored bubbles and had to add that into her painting too.

A few days later, I set up “Roll & Paint” again, but this time for my 8 year old to practice her multiplication facts. Since I didn’t think she’d want to paint up to 81 dots at a time we stretched her brain by painting by factors at first.

Maya loves to create and modify, sometimes to the level of complication that drives away others;) We laugh at times, “Maya, can we just kick the ball back and forth?”

See the first dots in the left corner of her paper? That’s what I was thinking. Maya quickly expanded to “strokes”. She would make that factor’s number of strokes each time. Then she asked to try it with dice, so she could have higher number of strokes using the product. Applause to getting some important Math Vocabulary in there, Maya!

In passing, anyone else may see a random scribbling of names, numbers (our ages), and color mixing. Hardly something fridge worthy, really. Maya and I see the product of multiplication practice and a soaring creative mind!

The Takeaway

1. If you haven’t discovered No Time for Flashcards, yet, run, don’t walk, and check it out.

2. As you Pin ideas, do so with a brain ready to modify. There may be projects you’re overlooking that seem to0 “young” or too “old”. This one activity has now been used for ages 2-8! Maybe a 9 old could jump in with division? What ideas do your 10-12 year olds have to create a Math Masterpiece?

3. The most important, let your children lead the way. Allow and encourage them to think outside the box. So often I have a way in my head I think a learning activity should go, and my children or students will take it to a new level. 

Next modification, I’m off to Roll & Paint the bathroom cabinet;) Shelisa

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  1. Great post! I love that you see the math practice and a creative soaring mind instead of just doodles. I was a little bit leery of pinterest in the beginning. It seemed like just another way to waste time, but have found it to be an awesome tool for homeschooling.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog recently! I love that you are taking an idea and adapting it. I will check out that website, for sure! Since I am laid off from work right now, I am trying to get some homeschool-y preschool-y activities going in our house. I’ve always thought I’d want to homeschool my kids, so this is my opportunity to test the theory and see if it really works for me/us!

    • Sorry about begin laid off, but it’s inspiring to see you use it as an opportunity for some fun home learning! My kids go to public school, and we’re able to also engage in fun-messy-random-purposeful-odd learning at home in the evenings/weekends/snow days/summer. Good luck finding what fits for your family!

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