Leap into the Alphabet!

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I want to start by saying, I am not paid by Leapfrog. (Leapfrog, call me:)

When my first daughter was toddling, I put some magnetic letters we were given as a gift on the fridge, more out of desperation to actually cook dinner than to teach. I put up the letters in her name (a great place to start). I hosted a playdate each Thursday, and one day her friend was playing with the letters and said “The M says MMMMMM”. My eyes popped out of my head. His mom told me she had grabbed Leapfrog Letter Factory on a whim from the library and he was picking up on it fast! She was surprised too. I honestly had no idea this was an option yet!

Well, guess what landed in our cart soon after! I put it on once (or twice or 108 times a day–don’t judge) during my sanity break and was so impressed. We sang the song any time she was playing with letters or recognizing a letter in daily life. The important thing here is SHE was interested. Jump on their interests. No drill and kill! One of the first letters my second daughter, Ava, learned was V…it was in her name, but really it was because she was obsessed with volcanos.

The Letter Factory was my favorite ABC tool with all three of my kids. It taught me a new song and a fun way to act out the letters that we could apply throughout our days as life happened. We couldn’t say the letter E for years without cupping our ear and acting out the old man E who couldn’t hear well “Eeehhhh???”


Over time we collected the Leapfrog Magnetic Fridge Letters, the Letter cards, and the audio CD for the car, thank you grandparents. I was in complete awe that my daughter could already rock the alphabet, letter sounds, and recognize them in print. I was also a bit deflated that I felt like I could take little credit;) The Letter Factory stole my thunder. I got over it and it worked beautifully for child #2 and #3.

Don’t stress about age or compare your child to anyone. The real goal is they know most of their letters and sounds by or during kindergarten. Expose it, and watch for interest. If you haven’t yet, try out the Leapfrog Letter Factory (and accessories) as another tool on your belt. And, sorry that song will be stuck in your head. I caught myself singing it in the shower once…maybe twice.


  •  Those magnetic alphabet letters are a killer to step on. And, you will step on them.
  •  If you use the Leapfrog or other ABC flashcards don’t use them traditionally. Play is key. We would use them to play Go-Fish or build an ABC Road or ABC Hide and Seek or the 26 card pick up or not touch them for weeks.

Happy ABCs! Shelisa

PS. Look for more posts for ABC activities under the Early Tab>ABCs!

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