Dolphin Tale

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Sometimes, we jump on learning ideas and other times I let a topic build a bit. After we watched, and loved, Dolphin Tale together I knew this would be a great topic to explore further. I started a secret dolphin collection to bring out on a winter day…many of these books I already had in my teacher library. I did order a couple new books and couldn’t resist the tattoos.

We had been using the Clearwater Marine Aquarium website to visit Winter on the webcam and also play the games. Then one cold day at the end of winter, I laid it all out on the table for them to discover. They spent a good hour reading the books and we somehow started looking up dolphins who can paint on youtube.

Which lead to a painting session like a dolphin…

and turning them into cards. The kids each wrote a letter to Winter.  I’m not sure if we’ll hear anything back, but it was a perfect morning in our jammies… learning, reading, painting, and writing. A winter’s tale of our own.


PS. You can see a painting made by Winter right here! 


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