Marshmallow Toes

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It started out as a normal egg dying family time for Easter.

Until I tossed some marshmallows from a fruit salad I was making on the table. “Hey, wanna dye some marshmallows?” Naturally, that led me to throwing marshmallows at John to catch in his mouth. 5 in a row…then 7 in a row…then a new record of 11! But a whole bunch fell on the floor in between.

And then we started chucking marshmallows at the kids. They caught a few with their mouth and dropped even more on the floor. I think my 8 year old caught 11 out of about 47;)  My floor has been crunchy on many of occasion, but a squishy floor? A marshmallowy, fluff of goodness on your feet floor? How awesome is that?  Willie Wonka would be proud. He’d give me a golden ticket.

Logically, it was a teachable moment to help the kids with their fine motor skills…with their toes. A handier skill then people may think. The hillbilly side to our genes makes us really good at this game. They were instinctively walking with the marshmallows and dropping them in the trash can. Toe prodigies! They get an A in marshmallow toes. Their ancestors would be proud.

These are the days to remember. I love marshmallow toes.I love impulsive, gut laughing, nonsense. I live for it.  I’ll be an old lady in a nursing home chucking marshmallows at people and sticking them between my wrinkled toes. They’ll think I’m crazy. It’s ok. I’ll just throw a marshmallow at them.

Here’s to the random, silly moments in your homes, Shelisa

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