Quick, Cheap Easter Bunny Gift Bag

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I was given my first Easter Bunny sack in college, from one of the most creative people I know…my then future mother-in-law. For over 15 years now, I look forward to my bunny sack of treats. She knows I love chocolate. Gooooood chocolate. This year I also got a margarita popsicle. I love her. I love these sacks. I love the built in handles and the fake grass in the bottom.

Let me be clear, the lunch bag size is not the best for the littlest hands or for more than a few lightweight treats, or maybe a few plastic hunted eggs. They will rip. This size is great for teachers, neighbors, cousins, non-toddlers, and college kids who just want money. You can also make these out of grocery sacks, which are better for the little ones and holding a heavier load.

Fold the bag flat. Cut what I will call a sideways, fat “D” to make the ears. Draw a leg on each side. Note: The way the bag folded makes it look cut on the bottom. Do NOT cut that bunny’s bottom.

Now turn to the smaller sides of the bag. Make an even squishier, narrow “D” to form those ears.  Draw in ears, eyes, mouth, and whiskers.

Finally, make that last narrow, squishy “D” cut on the opposite side. Usually there’s a cute, fuzzy, cotton ball glued on to that bunny bottom. She forgot it, and I forgot it until now.  I love my readers, but not enough to go find a cotton ball, glue it on, retake the picture, download, then upload. Whew…I’m tired just thinking about it. I know you all are smart enough to visualize that cottontail.

Speaking of college kids who just want money, I’ll leave you with this to tuck away. The secret to keeping the older siblings or cousins in the egg hunt is to tell them about a few “golden” eggs that are hidden with $1-$5 bills, and one with a $20. My creative, wonderful mother-in-law did this one year and the college kids who thought they were “too cool” for the kiddie table ran amuck.

Now don’t forget that cotton tail on those bunny buns! Shelisa

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  1. These are SO cute!! Simple and sweet–I love it! I have to tell you, I’m kind of a sucker for brown paper bag crafts. Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  2. I LOVE that you think older kids should get to participate in the egg hunt!!! Bell a was told she was too old for the egg hunt this weekend. She had been so excited about the prospect that she ended up crying softly and whispering to me that she wished she was still 6. I hugged her and agreed that it was hard to be 13! I love that you understand those of us who are young at heart!

    • Hey Nic, thanks for stopping by! So sad for Bella! I sure still have fun hunting those eggs at age 36;) Maybe you should host a teenage egg hunt! Money…candy…I’m having a hard time thinking of cheap stuff besides money and candy that teenagers would like that would fit in an egg!?

  3. Yes, I think next year I am going to host a hunt as you suggest. $ and candy are both crowd pleasers for sure!
    I read all the time. I just don’t usually post. Bella and I just discuss amongst ourselves 🙂

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