Fake Egg Dying and other Early Childhood Easter Ideas

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The girls were 4 and almost 3…leaving a little bull in a china shop brother who was 18 months, and, or course, wanted to do everything the “big” kids are doing. Since his “big” sisters, were still little enough to need a lot of help, we faked Dawson out a bit to get started. (Last year (just 6 months old) we just waited until he was napping, another good trick that first year)

Look at that concentration! Don’t look at the snot.

“Here you go buddy! Here’s your eggs. Here’s your dipper. Dip them in this indestructible bowl of water. Way to go! What colors do you see? I love the way you stir those babies up. How many eggs are in your bowl now? Let’s count. Wow, you are the best egg dyer ever!” He was so into his own little world of plastic eggs, he honestly didn’t ┬ánotice while the girls did a majority of the eggs.

But, we did save some for him when the girls were done and I could give him my undivided attention. Those fat little fingers just squeezed those eggs tight (crack) and slam dunked those eggs in there! But you know, those were my favorites;)

And always remember, the only part of early childhood they will remember is what you video and take pictures of…I mean really, you don’t know if he did that 1 egg above or 20.

Take some time while you’re egg hunting to count by 2’s or 3’s, or groups of 5! Make an eggy math story there in the grass. ┬áI mean the point of hiding eggs is to have something to do all day, right? Spread it out. Make it last. The longer they are outside, the less mess you have inside.

Or, make some patterns!

Tip: Use about 3 of those Paas Egg packets in each of your dye cups for vibrant colors! We couldn’t help talking about rainbows last year with these beauties.

Here’s to happy little siblings fake dying eggs, educational egg hunts, and bacon ties! –Shelisa

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