Box City: Lessons from a cardboard box

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Like many rainy days, it started with just one box…some paint…some duct tape…

And…some pipe cleaners to make a special attachment for unicorns…naturally. Before long, Box City established itself as a prominent development in our basement playroom.

In our Box City society, children, plastic people, singing hot wheel cars and enchanted animals live in harmony.

Months of new creative play from stuff we already had with the help of a few boxes. Over the course of several months, we had great conversations of new settlements, pioneers, establishing rules/laws, houses, apartments, trailers, jobs, and taking care of a community. Despite it’s lack of curb appeal, Box City would be a happy place to live.

One day, while driving near the city, the kids saw a man who was homeless sitting on some cut up boxes. My 5 year old says “Hey, he has a Box City!” It feels surreal to have to explain things, like homelessness, to kids sometimes, doesn’t it?   “So, he LIVES there?”  “Do you think he has toys to play with?”  “Where does he go when it rains?” I sure wish I had better answers to their questions. I wish I could end this story with a Disney Movie type ending of us finding that man and lending some help. Didn’t happen.

Maybe Box City will inspire us to help in a big way someday so we can spread some of the harmony we see in our plastic people, enchanted animals, and singing hot wheel cars into the world. In the meantime, we’re always on the look out for small ways to help others.

Funny what you can learn from a box, Shelisa

Your homework…Watch this! Caine’s Arcade! 

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