The Tale of the Three Trees

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As I had trees on my brain this past month (maybe always?) with my Differentiated Learning Class, and Paper Tree Tutorial, a tucked away book  JUMPED out at me at our church bookstore called “The Tale of the Three Trees”. I swear the book chooses us sometimes. Have you heard it before? I hadn’t. Apparently it’s an old folktale. I plan on giving it to my kids at Easter.
“The Tales of the Three Trees”, retold by Angela Elwell Hun, is an American Folktale about what 3 trees each wanted to be when they grew up: a treasure, a strong ship, and the tallest tree in the world. Years later when they were cut down, their dreams seemingly did not come true. They were confused and heartbroken, until life played out and they realized that being turned into a feed box (Jesus’s birth), fishing boat (calming stormy seas), and crucifix (Good Friday) played important roles in sharing God’s love. A valuable story about how our life’s purpose may not always look like what we expect.

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