Guest Posting on I Can Teach My Child makes me do the running man

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I Can Teach My Child

I’m crazy excited to be a guest poster Monday, March 19th, at I Can Teach My Child. It’s a blog not only in my favorites, but has over 12,000 Facebook likes and nearly 134,000 unique visitors! I Can Teach My Child  focuses on early childhood, but I loyally visit and find inspiration for my 5.5, nearly 7 and my 8 year old (and me!). I also love her Show and Share Saturday Linky Party!  Jenae is knowledgeable, inspirational, and super creative. It’s an honor to contribute a post to her blog.

Hop on over and check out an easy, but messy, caterpillar art idea that I used as Mother’s Day cards when my kids were 4 and under.

Oh, and tell everyone you know;) Shelisa

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