Sign Here: Involving Your Kids in Buying A Home

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In a constant effort to find teachable moments for our kids in our daily lives, we decided to bring them to closing when we signed the contract on our new house. We took them on a few of our house hunting adventures, but not all of them. We typically look at over 50 houses before we choose;) The kids were 6, 5, & 4 years old. We did our best to share the process with them in very simple terms.  At the closing, they knew we would be doing a lot of signing, possible sweating, and making a big promise to pay the money back on our loan. We came armed with snacks, bubble gum and coloring books, but also wanted them to sign a contract too. After moving with the military every few years of their entire lives, we were excited to start a new chapter by planting roots.

After John and I were finished, we brought out this “Family Contract” for them to sign. It lives on our refrigerator where we reread it once in awhile.

My middle daughter, Ava, even also left her initials, which she had just seen us do a dozen times on each paper from the contract.

As you go about all your grown-up homework in life (paying bills, making budgets, registering cars, voting, building a new resume, etc) remember to share those moments with your children when you can. I know it’s hard, pick and choose what works for you. There are teachable moments all around us, sometimes its the very thing we’re dreading on our To Do lists that children can benefit from the most.

Helping Daddy pay bills.

“Good parents give their children roots and wings. Roots to know where home is, wings to fly away and exercise what’s been taught them”. — Jonas Salk

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