Ode to Dr. Seuss

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This is my favorite Dr. Seuss book. It was his first published book, 1937…after being rejected 27 times!  He nearly burned it after so many rejections. I’m so glad he kept following his dream. I find inspiration in this story of the story, and share it with my kids.

May all parents and teachers allow our kids to learn the art of  “turning minnows into whales”, and may kids have the tenacity, creativity, and work ethic to use their gifts like Dr. Seuss.

We’re gonna Seuss out over the weekend by going to see The Lorax, watch Horton Hears a Who again with a barrel of popcorn, put all the Seuss books front and center, and give the kids a turn on this fun website.


Are you Seussing out a little at your house? Shelisa

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  1. Aw, your poem to Seuss is so cute! I have never heard of your favourite book. Mine is actually Horton Hears A Who. You’ve inspired me to run to the library and grab a bunch of books and movies. Thanks for the recommendations, as usual. Loving your blog.

  2. I too love Mulberry Street. I had not know of it as a kid but my husband did and he bought it for our first child when Tom was only a few months old. We read it to him every night and it’s a book that has come to mean so much to us! Great post, thanks!! Enjoy your Dr. Suess holiday!

  3. This is just about the cutest poem I’ve ever heard! I think Dr. Seuss would be quite proud! 🙂 Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy, Shelisa!!

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