Brain Game on a Tray

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It’s likely you’ve seen this brain game before, maybe even at a bridal or baby shower, but it’s worth mentioning. My kids have fun with this one in both playing and setting up the tray of random objects. Players have 1 minute to view the tray of items, then they write down all they can remember.  Play around with how many items and how long they get.  I like to be sneaky once in awhile remove/replace an object when I reveal the tray for them to check their answers;)

Talk with your kids about what strategies they are using to remember, and have them try out some others. For instance, are they visually chunking the items together based on where they are located? Are they making up a story in their head using the items? (that’s what I do) Ex: The dinosaur used a green marker to draw scissors while listening to his iPod and chewing gum.

I also find it fascinating to see how people record their list. I just write the words in a list. My husband wrote the words, but by location. My daughter used words and pictures. I love this game because it stretches your brain, adults like it too, you can just use stuff around your  house or classroom, and it’s quick…except for putting away all the stuff that was exciting to put on the tray. It’s never as fun to unpack.

Happy Brain Gaming! Shelisa

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