Nascar and Education

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Many of you know it’s Nascar time. Many more of you do not. My Nascar fan husband and I have been cracking up thinking how a Nascar Sponsorship Approach to education could channel appreciated money into the public school system, home schools, charter schools, private schools, daycares, preschools, and after school programs.

Sponsors baby. Endorsements. Sure seems like there’s plenty of money flying around in the sporting world. Let’s go Nascar on Education. Teacher uniforms that look like this, and you can visualize the school buses and curriculum guides.

“Sprint” Parent conferences would sound like this.

“Hello Mr. & Mrs. Poppins. Your daughter, Mary, is a delight. Let’s get started right after my long drink of Dr. Pepper Ten, only 10 bold calories and manly enough for you Mr. Poppins.”

Coke has American Idol. Pepsi has X Factor. Dr. Pepper Ten has Education? Parents?

“Thanks for coming in Mr. & Mrs. Poppins. Enjoy your free Sun Chips and make sure to tune into ESPN tonight for  “PE Time” where Bob Costas will break down this week’s top 10 in the elementary gym with a highlight of the nation’s 2nd grade 40 yard dash finalists and honorable mentions.”

You know, I say why stop endorsements with teachers? How about parenting in general?  Don’t underestimate our abilities to inspire or sell a product.  Have you seen a parent push an overflowing grocery cart across a dodgy parking lot in the rain while defending and carrying flailing young children? Agility. Strength. Stamina. Do you know a roller derby mom? I do. Don’t mess with her. She’s the best mom ever and could knock you flat on your back. Somebody give her a shoe deal!

Kitty VonClobber

I’m just scratching the surface naming parenting as a sport.

“Hey John, how was the library stop today? “Well, Erin Andrews, my footwork was a little off when I didn’t block the kids going to the DVD aisle, but I recovered when the bag ripped and saved the new Rick Riordan book from a puddle.”

I am now constantly seeing people as the athlete they are in their daily life. And while I get super pumped up watching “real” athletes, I certainly relate more with people like you and I. If reality television is so popular, why can’t reality athletes get some endorsements?

While I am waiting to hear back from the sports drinks or car or razor companies, I’ll practice my trading card pose. I hope I’m in the same card pack as my preacher, I hear he plays a stellar game of golf.

Hey Nike, I’m a size 9 shoe. –Shelisa

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