President’s Day Activity: Edible Lincoln Logs

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“Hey kids, I’m setting out some pretzels, glue, paper, and a penny if you want to make a Lincoln Log Cabin for President’s Day!” My middle kid, Ava, came running. A few minutes later the other two must have heard the pretzel consumption. As we ate, I read them a few pages from a children’s Lincoln book. We hit the key points in about 5 minutes…slavery, Civil War, assassination…and log cabins.

This is what I had in mind, but was honestly too busy at that moment to get them started…Thank God, because…

When I checked back in with Ava, she was building a 3D log cabin! This was her first attempt, and she knew something wasn’t quite right. She consulted someone who shed blood, sweat, and tears in architecture school…her Dad. He showed her the pattern to build a log cabin in about 30 seconds, and off she went. Building, smiling, and eating.

Note: I call this Edible Lincoln Logs, but obviously don’t eat the ones with glue. Nibble while  you work or kick it up a notch and use icing.

Ta-Da! Isn’t this WAY cooler than if I would have showed her what was in my brain for this project? A valuable lesson in being careful about showing kids what they are “supposed” to do! I only helped when she asked me to hold a pretzel or add glue while she was holding them. Oh, and I did stuff the $5 bill inside…This project was worth way more than a penny.

For the record, my older daughter started, but lost interest quickly. My son had no interest in anything other than eating the pretzels. That’s ok around here. Another day, a different project. Home learning will find them. It was fun to watch Ava shine.

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