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There’s something extra fun about sorting, counting, graphing, comparing (and eating!) these Valentine Sweethearts! Adjust activities and help as needed per child. You could make it into a game to collect the hearts by adding in dice or a color cube. Roll and collect until hearts are gone, then sort, graph, count, and compare. While my daughters (Ages 4 and 3) worked on the graph, my 2 year old stuck to sorting by color, counting, and making patterns with help (lining them up ABABAB, or pinkgreenpinkgreenpinkgreen) and sticking them up his nose.

Rinse. Repeat.

Cereal, candy, crackers, or boring non-edible stuff. And, for the record, it is perfectly acceptable to nibble from your good dark chocolate stash while your kids eat candy you don’t like or aren’t worth your calories.

I sort chocolate all the time…after the kids go to bed. –Shelisa





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  1. Jill of the Maud Squad says:

    The boys loved this activity and did really well holding off on eating them until after we had graphed and talked.

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