An UnPinterest Valentine’s Day: Having your cupcake and the time to eat it too.

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So, the plan was to make some uber adorable cupcake cones, Thank You Pinterest, for my Valentine Daughter’s class Valentine Party at school. I signed up for both of my daughters classrooms months ago.  50 Sweet treats for V Day.  I’m on it. Well Life happens…a whole lot of life has happened the past month and will the next few weeks. (Insert a list of all our crazy). But, I made a commitment to bring a Food Network Worthy sweet treat, by golly.

In the meantime, I gave the kids about 3-4 ideas for adorable, knock-your-socks-off, Martha Stewert would drool homemade Valentine cards, Thanks again Pinterest, they asked if  to pass out ones from the store with candy. Lightbulb moment. Yeah, you know, we can do that. That sounds less stressful which is what I need. Let’s go to Target.

They were jumping and dancing in the aisles excited. I said one more “Are you sure you don’t want to make those cute bookmarks I showed you?” They didn’t even respond.  Great. They’re happy, I’m happy, the friend who receives these will be happy. Done. Now, on to the ice cream cone aisle. Yes, I know exactly where that is at Target. Done. 3 boxes in the cart. Cake mix in the cart. Homemade icing ingredients in the cart. But then…the Valentine birthday daughter ran over to these beautiful, life changing,  pieces of heaven on an end cap. “Mom, can we just bring these?”


I swear a Hallelujah Choir appeared, dancing and clapping, robes swaying.  It was an Ally McBeal moment.

“Really, Maya?” “Oh yes, mom, these are so cute. We don’t need the ice cream cones.”  Pretty sure she’s my favorite.

We dashed back to the ice cream cone aisle and put those babies back before I could make a plan to use the fake cakes with the cones. Letting the ice cream cones go was a blessing and I refuse to feel guilty about it. Did you hear that moms (and the 3 dads who read this blog)? Let some stuff go. It’s ok. Don’t feel like you have to make everything on Pinterest or the blogs. And, don’t apologize! Embrace. Keep it real. Now I can focus on celebrating my daughter’s birthday. Does Target make birthday cakes? 😉

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  1. Way to go, Momma! I totally hear ya…sometimes we just need to stop being Martha Stewart for 2 seconds and take the easy way out. It frees us up for MUCH more important things (like spending time with our kids). 🙂

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