Here at the offices of Think Magnet…

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Here at the offices of Think Magnet we strive for perfection. We are organized. Yep. Very organized. Super organized. End of story. Open the door? Pull back the curtain on the Great Oz? But I love furniture with doors. Doors that close out chaos. Furniture worth their weight in gold because you can shut out the clutter. Not that we don’t have it all under control here at Think Magnet. Well, sort of in control…oh, ok. I’ll show you. I promised I will keep it real.

Once upon a time this beautiful pine English antique started out organized. And then we played. And then we crammed. And then we did some cool art. And then we crammed. And then we did a learning project. Then we crammed. This continued for over a year. Until all of the sudden we opened it up one day and didn’t want to play. Ever. I wanted to lock the door and never look back. But, I like to play too much.

I did the logical thing and turned on Pandora Radio, poured a large glass of sweet tea, and made a big, huge, mess…while the puppy was in the crate.

I enlisted the help of 2 “To Be Continued Boxes”, which proceeded to the basement stash. Bite sized goals, friends. I also had tubs for throw away, recycle, and donate. I also pretended that I had to be finished in 2 hours or the world would explode. I know it’s extreme, but somehow turning this into a Jason Bourne or Jack Bauer moment motivates me. Whatever works.

And, thanks to my label maker we have a place for everything, and will put everything in their place. Well we’ll try.

Do you have a label maker?  Label makers get a bad rap and only seemed to be owned by organized people. Really, they are for the clutter tendency folks to help them put stuff back. I highly recommend one.

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  1. I love this post! I also have to let you know I have really been enjoying this site, you have some great ideas! I love your very serious label making!! The cabinet looks great! It feels great when things are organized, I just have to learn how to keep it that way! Thanks for some great suggestions and a smile!!

    • Thanks Kathy, I genuinely appreciate the feedback. I’m good at organizing when the mood hits, but keeping things organized is my challenge too. My husband laughs at my piles of stuff. I go in spurts, but always have to insert an element of fun or funny to most tasks in life. If I could only get the entire house organized at the same time;) That cabinet is still looking good, but my office. Fuh-getta bout it…

  2. This is great! It’s what I have on my to do list for this weekend. We’re going to use open shelves though so I’m going to have to constantly keep it all tidy. Not sure if that’s a good idea or not!

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