The Weekly Rap: CDs to add to your Kid Music

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This is my way of making you a mix-tape because I love that you are reading this. During ages 0-4, these are the CDs we came back to again and again and again…in no particular order…

We performed “The Weekly Rap” from 1-482 times a day. Thanks to youtube, you too can rap the days of the week in your home today! (Did that sound like an infomercial?) And, I’m sorry you will be singing this in your head for eternity, but your littlest ones will learn the Days of the Week in a nanosecond and work out some wiggles in the process.

Here’s another classic, and by classic, I mean they are wearing leotards on the cover.

This was my go-to when I needed a minute to myself, but really, I often found myself right in there dancing and video taping their silliness.  It’s funny how you can brush off a “how cute” to other kids dancing, but something about seeing your own offspring dancing or acting like animals becomes the funniest thing you’ve ever seen.

Their favorite song of all time in the 0-4 years, was The Freeze Dance. They still love the Freeze Dance, just the other day they may have been the best little freezers on the roller rink. You can turn any song into the freeze dance by pausing and yelling “Freeze!” I highly recommend hits of the 90s for the Freeze Dance.

We should all do the Freeze Dance more in our lives. I’ve always wished there was a life pause button…and a rewind. I can think of plenty of scenes in my life I would love to rewind and live again, minus the big perms. And, who’s with me for a fast forward button? Here is a good example of when I was hitting the fake fast forward button with no success. 

Finally, there’s Genevieve! My son’s first love and the basis for his 2nd birthday train party. There’s an upside to this CD. It’s perfect for the car.  You can totally jam out and people will think “what a cool mom rocking out with her kids, she’s so cool she listens to real music with her kids”….just don’t roll down the window and reveal you are,in fact, singing the alphabet

Get some good Kid CDs for your arsenal of early childhood. It will help, I promise.

I  haven’t bought new Kid music in years…but next on my list  is the Funky Mama’s soulful, bluesy CDs. She’s the wife of a guy I knew in high school…who heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 flavors last night.

Tell me, what are your children’s favorite cds? –Shelisa

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  1. Did you see that Funky Mama has a song called “The Freeze Song?”

    • Yes, I did see that Courtney. Many kid bands have a version of it. I like Laurie Berkner’s music too, and she has a Freeze Dance. It would be fun to make a whole “mix tape” of different Freeze Dances.

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