Using Mario Cart to Sneak in Some Math

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Start your engines!

Zoom as fast as you can with one push!

A professional judge will measure the distance.

Using some BIG numbers!

The judge will need some time to organize from least to greatest.

Then making it all fancy.

Creating a paper podium for the racers!

And presenting them with Inchimal Trophies!

Then the judge will make a headline for the “VS” (versus) newspaper! (“The cars got trophies!”)

The cars will take victory laps on a tape track designed by the judge.

Mario Cart Notes

1. I have a flawless driving record, but am really bad at Mario Cart.

2. The Wii is crack to my son, but my girls take it or leave it. Sorry to use a crack analogy on a 5 year old, but its true. We council him on his addiction daily.

3. Dawson had no idea he was learning.

4. This was one of Dawson’s first times to write with lines. With Kindergarten around the corner, I figure it’s time to start.

5. I don’t like lines either. Especially long lines you have to wait in with squirmy kids.

6. I love tape. Kids love tape.

7. All 3 of my kids love to watch the old Super Mario Brothers Show from 1989.  It makes me excited to break out Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on them and sneak in some learning via turtles.

I couldn’t write a post on Mario Cart and NOT include this picture. I tried. I honestly tried. Didn’t work.

Have you used Mario Cart or other video game as a learning opportunity? Please share!

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  1. I wish I learned that Math that way too! 🙂

  2. This is all so, so fabulous. And, I LOVE tape too. I created a whole preschool dance/math program out of different colored floor tape and I use it all the time in my elementary program. It’s my number one business expense. You can search for ‘tape’ on my blog and find my love notes, lol!

    I love victory lap track, too. BTW, the blue, low tack painters tape is easier to pull off surfaces than masking tape.

  3. Love this post….P.s. My boys had the same costume. We will have to try this out. My boys would love this!!!

  4. You are absolutely brilliant! Wouldn’t it be great if teachers did this in class?
    At the very least I will have to try this at home. My son turns six tomorrow, and we have an excess of cars in the house. Perfect opportunity for math in disguise!
    Thanks for this great activity.

    • Yes, for teachers to use this type of idea. It’s STEM and I love finding ways to add it to my kindergarten classroom. Thanks for sharing your imaginative, yet real-world ideas. I’m always trying to think of ways to trick kids into learning. It’s my 2nd year in kinder. and have been working toward incorporating themes that draw in students, video games, superheros, castle kingdoms (princesses), being silly as we role play (like a judge), etc. This has helped me alot.

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