Bath Math

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Rub a Dub Dub, nerdy kids in the tub.

Bath time is a perfect time to drown in math.

Bath time is a perfect time to fill these up and dump water on the floor.

Bath time is a perfect time to have something to catch an unidentified floating object.

Bath time is FUN!!!! It lends itself to a lot of filling and pouring. Why not provide a tool to extend that learning beyond empty margarine tubs? While they’re concocting bubble stew or toe funk fettucini they get to use real measurement.  I added these to our collection about 3 years ago and love the learning I see during their de-mudding. Guide your child with questions like “I wonder how many of these it will take to fill this one up?” Or use the real words…how many quarts in a gallon? And, you know how the squeaky toys could keep bath water in them for months?…yeah, well, these don’t.

See what you can use around your house.

PS. This isn’t a paid advertisement. It’s coming straight from our ring around the tub. I did stick it in my  ThinkMagnet Amazon Store. which was the easiest way to share a collection of our personal recommendations. I love parent-used recommendations. Amazon is supposed to give me some pennies from each sale, but I can assure you I give Amazon way more than they’ll ever give me;)


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