Note to Self

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1. See if I still have any notes from my Children’s Art Therapy Class.

2. If not, find a class immediately.

3. Sign myself up for finding clowns so creepy.

4. Make a house rule that no creepy clown art be displayed in our unfinished basement (aka our playroom) so when Mom goes down there at night to turn that one light off, she won’t find creepy clowns staring right at her and feel the need to run up the stairs because she feels like they or someone or something¬†will grab her feet.

5. Do this all in a way that kids do not become afraid of clowns or dark basements.

Shelisa, Proud Member of The Anti-Bozo Network and The Ban Ronald McDonald Club












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  1. This is very funny. I was looking around VB when the clowns caught my eyes. The first one looks adorable to me but the second one is a bit creepy. Who made them by the way?

    • Thanks Anne! Those lovely clown artist would be my daughters. The 7 year old did the crying clown and the 6 year old did the creepy one. Well, they’re both creepy to me. Love the name of your blog. I “liked” ya on FB and bookmarked you;)

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